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P-TECH Student Support

BENCHMARK 5: STUDENT SUPPORT The Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) must provide wrap-around strategies and services involving multiple stakeholders to strengthen academic, technical, and individual support for students to be successful in their P-TECH program.


5.1 Bridge Programs

Bridge Program Curriculum and Schedule

Bridge Program Calendar

Bridge Program Curricula

5.2 Advising

Advising Events Schedule and Documents of Completion

Schedule of Counseling/ Advising for Students

5.3 Student Intervention

Tutoring Schedules

Tutoring/ Intervention Schedules

5.4 Classroom Supports

Advisory/ Study Skills Curriculum Materials

5.5 Multi-tiered System of Supports

Family Outreach Calendar

Family Outreach Calendar

5.6 Enrichment Opportunities

Professional Learning Community Agendas


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