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Required Postings - La traducción al español está disponible a pedido. Comuníquese con Natalie Parcus al (254) 583-7967.

pdfPlan de regreso a la escuela 2022-2023 (ESSER III) pdfReturn to School Plan 2022-2023 (ESSER III) pdfESSER III Plan de uso de fondos (actualización de 6 meses) pdfESSER III Use of Funds Plan (6 month update) pdfNotice of FIRST Hearing pdfTAPR Glossary pdf2020-2021 District TAPR pdfReturn to School Plan 2021-2022 (ESSER III) - updated 11/09/2021 pdfUse of Funds Plan (ESSER III) - updated 11/01/2021 pdfTranslation Procedure 2021-2022 pdfMaintenance Tax Note pdfOrdinance to Adopt 2021 AD Valorem Tax Rate pdfResolution Adopting and Approving a Budget 2021-22 pdf2021-22 Athletic Handbook pdf2021-22 Employee Handbook pdfDirectory Information & Military Recruiters pdfSCOC and Student Handbook Acknowledgement Receipt pdfSCOC and Student Handbook Acknowledgement ( Electronic Form) pdf2021-22 Student Code of Conduct pdf2021-22 Parent-Student Handbook pdfReturn to School Plan 2021-2022 (ESSER III) - August 2021 pdfUse of Funds Plan (ESSER III) - August 2021 pdfSalary Schedule pdfNotice of Election-Deadline filing options, due to inclement weather. pdfDistrict Improvement Plan 2020-2021 pdf2019-2020 District TAPR pdf2018-2019 TAPR report pdfLetter from Superintendent pdfNotice of Deadline to file Application for Place on Ballot pdfAsynchronous Plan 2020-2021 Rev11-18-20 pdf 2020-2021 RLES Pre-K Family Engagement Plan pdf2019-20_Utility Comp Posting pdfHouse Bill 3 Goals pdf2020-21 RLISD Adopted Budget pdf2020-21 RLISD Proposed Budget pdfCEP pdfR-L District of Innovation Plan 2018-2023 pdf2018-19_UtilityCompPosting pdf2018-2019FederalReportCardLES pdf2018-2019FederalReportCardRLHS pdf2018-2019FederalReportCardRLISD pdf2018-2019FederalReportCardRLMS pdf2018-2019FederalReportCardRPS pdf2018-2019FederalReportCardState pdf2019-2020BudgetSummaryReport pdf2021-2022 ProposedBudget pdf2021-2022 RLISD Adopted Budget pdfSuperintendent's Contract pdfTAPR Glossary pdfTAPR Guidelines pdf Resolution - Extracurricular